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agra 2021 - Die Landwirtschaftsausstellung in Mitteldeutschland - Neue Messe Leipzig

agra - World of Forestry

Agra Landwirtschaftsausstellung in Mitteldeutschland is an important meeting opportunity for the silvicultural industry as well. Leading suppliers present mobile sawmills, rope winch technologies, firewood processing machinery and much more in hall 2 as well as the open-air area – also in active demonstrations of practical application. The special exhibition “firewood technology in comparison” located in the open-air area will present and compare various machines for firewood treatment on all days of the trade fair.

Additionally, visitors and specialists can tour the special exhibition by Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst called “soil conservation on sensitive locations”. Up-to-date information about strip technology for soil-conserving timber harvesting will be presented in a broad fashion and in practice. Aligned technologies for timber harvesting is an important and ongoing hot topic in terms of soil preconditions and restrictions, not only in the forest district of Leipzig but in all of Middle Germany.

Interested Participants will find registration forms as well as application forms for the agra - Innovation Award at information for exhibitors.

agra – Zentrum für Innovation agra – Zentrum für Innovation agra – Zentrum für Innovation agra – Zentrum für Innovation