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agra 2017 - Die Landwirtschaftsausstellung in Mitteldeutschland - Neue Messe Leipzig
25. bis 28. April 2019
Leipziger Messegelände

Anmeldung für Aussteller

As an exhibitor, you can download your registration form as a .pdf, complete it directly on your computer, print it out and send it (including your signature and firm stamp) via e-mail, fax or by mail.
Registration deadline: October 31st 2018

Application form
Application form co-exhibitor
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General terms and conditions
Technical Guidelines Messe Leipzig

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 Rental price
 (Euro/m² netto)
Row booth Corner booth Head booth Block booth
Indoor  55,00 €  65,00 €  70,00 €  75,00 €
Outdoor  26,00 €  29,00 €  31,00 €  34,00 €
Gewünschter Stand:
Hall (Indoor)
Open-air (Outdoor)
Row booth [1 side open] Row booth [1 side open]
Corner Booth [2 side open] Corner Booth [2 side open]
Head Booth [3 side open] Head Booth [3 side open]
Block Booth [4 side open] Block Booth [4 side open]
Admission fee 150,00 €
Waste charge per booth: 25,00 €
Booth dimensions:

Front m | Depth m | Area qm
Pre-information electricity / water (necessary for planning booth distribution, because this service is not feasible everywhere. Providing this information is not an order. Official booking of electricity and water can be done at a later point in time on separate forms.)
We need electricity
We need water
We will build our own booth
Catalogue entry:

For mandatory entries into the printed catalogue as well as our online exhibitors catalogue, we charge 110,00 € for each main exhibitor as well as each co-exhibitor. Any additional entry into the catalogue will be charged with an additional 22,00 € each.

The entry into the alphabetical catalogue shall be made under letter:

The entry into the sectoral catalogue shall be made under group (up to 10 entries possible):

We hereby register legally binding for agra 2019 – die Landwirtschaftsausstellung in Mitteldeutschland. By sending this registration, we explicitly accept the Terms and Conditions of the trade fair and the agra Veranstaltungs GmbH, which can be downloaded here, as well as the technical guidelines by Leipzig Messe, which can be viewed here.

I have read and understood the privacy policy and accept them hereby.